The Top 25 Cars Sold at the 2016 Monterey Auctions

25. 1973 Ferrari 365GTS/4 Daytona Spider – $2,365,000 (RM Sotheby’s)

(Editor's note: There are some beautiful cars in the slide show. It's worth going through it.)

Designed by Pininfarina and built by Scaglietti, the Ferrari 365GTB/4 Daytona’s good looks and powerful 352-hp 4.4-liter V-12 engine made the 170-mph supercoupe an instant legend. In spite of the coupe’s performance benefits, the 365 Daytona that collectors truly seek is the droptop GTS/4 Spider. Credit the model’s undeniable beauty and extreme rarity. While Ferrari produced just over 1400 365GTB/4 Daytona coupes, it signed off on a mere 121 365GTS/4 Daytona Spiders. (continue reading)

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